"Palace of Pigs"


The following happened on October 20, 1988, when Chairman Kim Jong Il was looking round the Huichon Hotel.

Briefed on the meritorious work of its officials and employees, he spoke highly of them for having achieved a lot during the Arduous March.

When he was back from the vegetable fields, the manageress requested him to see the pigsty No. 2 of a unique design.

The Chairman accepted, “I will go and see it as the manageress has requested.”

He moved along, but his entourage blocked his way advising against his going into the pigsty with a nasty smell.

He insisted, saying that he did not mind the smell.

He studied the structure of the pigsty, listening to the explanations of the manageress: It is a greenhouse-style, PVC sheeting-covered house for piglets. Vegetable patches are installed on the pens, purifying air and preventing the piglets from contracting pneumonia. They grow well in the warm place, which is always clean because the faeces are removed through underground channels.

The Chairman praised the innovative idea.

Gazing round the officials, he said, “The pigsty is very clean. It looks like a palace of pigs.”

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