Future or Present


On May 2, 2004, Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected a unit of the Korean People’s Army.

At the mess hall he saw a bar chart hanging on the wall, which provided a visual depiction of soya bean outputs by subunit.

After watching it a while, he asked an officer of the unit about the preparations for soya bean farming.

The officer replied, “So far, we have ploughed and manured the fields. After a few days, we are planning to plant seeds. This year we will surely win the first place across the army by pressing on with soya bean farming.”

The Chairman applauded the decision, noting that whatever one does, one should be assured of oneself. Then pointing at the figure for soya bean ration written on the daily portion table, he asked, “Is this figure for the future or for the present?”

The officer replied that the figure indicated the daily amount of soya beans for each soldier after this year’s harvest.

After all, it was a plan for the future.

The Chairman said seriously, “You must be prudent. If you fail to supply the planned amount to the soldiers, it means you are mocking them.”

This was a stern demand that officers must make a solemn promise to their men.


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