Academy of Agricultural Science Promotes Agricultural Development in DPRK


Scientists of the Academy of Agricultural Science of the DPRK intensify research to boost the agricultural production of the country.

They work hard to breed and introduce high-yielding varieties of cereals acclimatised to the soil and climate of the country, which are tasty, high in nutritive value and productivity and highly resistant to harmful insects.

The Rice Research Institute steps up its research for breeding the rice strains appropriate for tideland fields and those requiring shorter cultivation period and ensuring a bumper harvest despite unfavourable weather.

Other institutes put efforts into breeding various high-yielding maize and wheat varieties and developing their cultivation technology.

The academy also concentrates efforts on putting the farming on a sci-tech basis.

It also engages in successfully applying the newly bred good wheat varieties, introducing the technology of cultivating autumn wheat in the wake of wheat and maize harvesting, breeding virus-free potato progenitors and pioneering new home-style potato-farming methods.

It conducts the crop growth forecast in a responsible way and rapidly and correctly informs the farms of the sci-tech measures for preventing damage by blight.

It also focuses its research on breeding different species of sugar plants and introducing advanced technology into cultivating high-yielding oil crops.

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