Natural Essential Oils Popular in DPRK


The Pyongyang Essential Oils Research Centre in the DPRK has recently succeeded in extracting essential oils from tens of kinds of plants.

In this regard, Choe Tung Gwang, director of the research centre, told KCNA:

The essential oils are in great demand at foodstuff, cosmetics and sanitary goods production units.

Essential oils extracted from fruits of coriander, Schisandra chinensis, etc. are used for spices at the Sonhung Foodstuff Factory, the O-Il Health Drink Combined Factory and other units and the essential oil from Ocimum gratissimum is used for perfume of shampoo at the Ryongaksan Soap Factory.

And essential oils from ginger, garlic, red pepper, onion and sesame are used for producing various kinds of confectionery and condiments.

The research centre with competent scientists, technicians and highly-skilled workers has natural essential oils production bases in South Phyongan, Jagang and other provinces.

Meanwhile, an aromatic essence production system with the main stress put on natural essential oils was established at the Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory.

-Pyongyang Essential Oils Research Centre-

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