Cultivation of Koryo Insam and Its Use

Kaesong insam, called "Koryo Insam" from olden times, is a special product of the DPRK.

Kaesong area is suitable for insam cultivation in terms of soil fertility, water quality and weather condition, and this area had been a center of insam cultivation and processing for its developed commerce.

In particular, the demand for insam grew and its cultivation was conducted more actively in the period of Koryo (918-1392).

At that time, insam began to be exported to other countries, being widely known to the world as "Koryo Insam" and "Kaesong Insam".

Peculiar insam fields can be seen in Kaesong City still now and the medical effect of insam cultivated there is very high.

The Kaesong Koryo Insam Processing Factory in the city turns out various insam products like steamed-and-dried insam powder, tea, extract and liquor.

Also, raw materials from insam are used in making cosmetics.

In Kaesong area, inhabitants have made different kinds of special dishes with insam.

Among them are insam sweet rice dish, chicken soup, salad and kimchi.

Cultivation of Koryo insam and its use were listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.

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