Actors and Actresses of Korea April 26 Animation Studio

In the DPRK, an animated cartoon "The Boy General" in 100 parts and a historical animated cartoon "Ko Ju Mong" are loved by not only children but also adults for marked individuality of characters and exciting scenes.

Such success would have been unthinkable without the efforts of skilled narration actors and actresses of the Korea April 26 Animation Studio, who have perfectly performed the dialogue of leads and extras appearing on cartoon films with different voices and eloquence.

Among them is an actress in her fifties who played a double role in the cartoon "The Boy General".

After watching the series of the newly produced historical animated cartoon "Ko Ju Mong", viewers are unanimous in saying that the distinctive performances of dialogue suitable for characters, conditions and environment elevate the quality of scenes and artistry.

Actors and actresses in their twenties have played the leading parts in the animation films.

Most of the narration actors and actresses at the Korea April 26 Animation Studio are from Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts.

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