Past Crimes Done by Japan against Korean Nation


After illegally occupying Korea in 1905, the Japanese imperialists had perpetrated unbridled pillage and exploitation against the Korean peasants.

From the first days of their colonial rule over Korea, the Japanese imperialists viciously clung to the land pillage.

Entering in the 1910s, they intensified the predatory policy on land under the pretext of "land survey".

They handed over such vast areas of land wrested from the Korean peasants to Japan's Oriental Development Company and landlords without compensation or at a low cost.

Late in 1919, they announced a so-called "plan for the increased production of grain" to step up the plunder of rice.

Under this plan, they took away 3 136 017 soks (one sok is equal to approximately 5 bushels) of rice in 1922, 3 453 018 soks in 1923, 4 457 570 soks in 1924 and 4 428 392 soks in 1925.

In order to execute the "plan for increased production" of wartime rice for invading the continent, the Japanese imperialists cooked up a "law on grain control" in 1933 which stipulated the adjustment of grain demand and supply by means of power.

In 1937 when they provoked a war for aggression on China, the Japanese imperialists announced an "emergency law on grain" to satisfy the lacked military provisions and launched a forced grain delivery in Korea.

Through it, they plundered more than 50 million soks of rice only in five years.

They enforced more viciously the forced grain delivery to plunder Korea of much more rice and other agricultural produce after provoking the Pacific War.

After all, the rural villages of Korea were devastated and many Koreans were reduced into poor and hired peasants.

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