New Successes Witnessed in Hydroelectric Power Field


The field of hydroelectric power has further cemented the material and technical foundations of power production by dint of science and technology.

Hydroelectric power stations have introduced proposals of high economic efficiency and practical significance including those conducive to the enhancement of the generating equipment performance.

The Jangjingang Power Station has established the real-time efficiency-measuring system, enabling the high-efficiency operation of generators.

The introduction of this system has provided a guarantee for putting the normal operation of the national integrated power control system on a more scientific basis.

The Hochongang Power Station has introduced the flood-related calculation program, laying a foundation for minimising the flood damage and ensuring stable power production.

The Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 1, Taechon Power Station No. 1, Orangchon Power Station No. 2 and other hydro-power stations have manufactured and introduced new type water turbine blades to produce a lot of electricity with the same amount of water as before.

They are also modernising generating equipment and protection devices in a planned way.


Jangjingang Power Station

Hochongang Power Station


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