Masked Dance, Dance Heritage of Korean Nation


Masked dance, a precious dance heritage of the Korean nation, has a long history.

Typical are the Pongsan masked dance, the Kangryong masked dance and the Haeju masked dance.

They were all developed in Hwanghae province.

The Pongsan masked dance, a pride of North Hwanghae Province, is the oldest masked dance in Korea.

It bitterly satirises the life of the corrupt aristocrats and monks of feudal society with such peculiar movements as the gait of a stork and the sidewise crawl of a crab.

Long ago, Kangryong area in South Hwanghae Province was a small town, but the masked dance was sweeping the area as there were many non-governmental artistes.

Unlike the Pongsan masked dance performed by many persons, the Kangryong masked dance is done mainly by two masked persons.

The Haeju masked dance is composed mainly of imposing movements and long steps.

Today, the National Folk Art Troupe and other art troupes in Pyongyang and local areas have developed the masked dances suited to the aesthetic taste of the times and the sentiments of the people, thus contributing to make the country overflow with national flavour.

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