Stone Pictures Associated with Great Man's Love for Revolutionary Soldiers


The Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery is in Sinmi-ri situated on the suburbs of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.

Attached to the tombstones there are stone pictures of patriotic martyrs who made special merits for the country and people.

The stone pictures are associated with Chairman Kim Jong Il's warm love for patriotic martyrs.

The Chairman had been always concerned for their tombstones with names, birthdays, obits and jobs only. One day, he called at an institution after being told that it developed new stone picture manufacturing equipment.

He examined the equipment and stone picture samples and recommended that stone pictures should be added to the tombstones in the Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery.

Later, he took all necessary measures such as stone cutting and processing, working site for manufacturing stone pictures and labour problem.

Therefore, stone pictures of martyrs could be attached to the tombstones of the cemetery.

One day in September Juche 87 (1998), the Chairman visited the cemetery and looked round all the tombstones there, saying that the stone pictures attached to them are an expression of the Party's trust and love for the martyrs and their bereaved families.

And he indicated the tasks for bettering the cemetery.

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