Maximowiczii Onion Community in Pujon of DPRK


The Pujon Maximowiczii Onion Community is located on a highland with 2 300 metres above the sea level in Handae-ri, Pujon County, South Hamgyong Province of the DPRK.

Allium maximowiczii is a perennial herb belonging to Alliaceae.

The community covers an area of 20 hectares where there are about 2 million plants in total. The height of the plant corpus is 40-60 centimetres.

Allium maximowiczii is a monoecism plant and many red-purple campanulate flowers bloom with form of umbel in August.

This plant has a peculiar smell and its seedball ripens in autumn. It is used as wild greens or spices in spring and summer.

It is spread not only in northern part of Korea but also in northeast China, Far Eastern region of Russia and Japan.

The Maximowiczii Onion Community in Pujon, the biggest one of its kind in the DPRK, was listed as a living monument.

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