Reason for His Pleasure


One October day in 2011 Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Phyongsong Synthetic Leather Factory. President Kim Il Sung had fixed the site of the factory, and named it. In the early 1970s the President saw to it that the factory was built, saying the 500-year-long history of the feudal Joson dynasty had left the Korean people nothing but straw and rubber sandals and that they should surely help the people wear leather shoes in the era of the Workers' Party.

Looking round different places of the factory, the Chairman carefully examined the real state of synthetic leather production and the specifications of the equipment. Mentioning that the factory's capacity was great and that all processes from feeding to forwarding were automated, he said that the officials, technicians and workers of the factory had done lots of things true to the lofty intention of the President who had made painstaking efforts to provide the people with quality shoes and daily necessities.

Now the Chairman made for the sample room where there were on display kinds of synthetic leather including those for outer coating and lining of shoes and shoes and clothes made of the materials by different factories.

Looking at the products with satisfaction, the Chairman delightedly said all the synthetic leather products there were of good quality and that if such products were made a lot and sold in shops the people would be pleased.



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