Modernisation and Intensification of Stockbreeding


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un put forward the policy of solving the problem of food for the people by developing crop farming, stockbreeding and fishing as the three mainstays, and is wisely leading the work to bring about a new turn in the development of the country's comprehensive stockbreeding. To this end he is always on the tour of field guidance.

One day in 2012 Kim Jong Un visited a livestock farm. When he dropped in at a pedigree pig house, he saw automatic pigsties teeming with hybrid pigs of good breeds. He said that the work of breeding should be further intensified so as to perfect new pedigree pigs fast and spread them to pig farms across the country.

When he inspected a high-grade strain research institute, he stressed the need to solve problems arising in propagating and breeding high-grade domestic animals and conduct the research to breed new high-grade domestic animals.

That day he went to see a foreign kind of goat. The pens were teeming with brown-headed goats considerably bigger than native species, including new-born kids. Saying that a scientific method should be developed in order to raise the new kind of goat successfully, he instructed that in order to change grass for meat it was necessary to complete and introduce a scientific method of breeding widely while introducing high-grade domestic animals. And he clarified new research tasks to complete a scientific method of raising the new goats.

He paid close, constant attention to modernisation of the farm, and took measures to consolidate the scientific and material foundation of the good-grade strain research institute.

In May 2013 Kim Jong Un made his way along a rough path to visit a breeding station under construction. After acquainting himself in detail with the project, he said that what was fundamental in raising grass-eating domestic animals was to solve the problem of feed grass by creating a lot of pastures, and gave specific advice about how to solve problems arising in creating pastures.

A few months later he visited the breeding station again, and told them the knack of scientific stockbreeding so that it could become a model breeding station.

Maintaining it as his firm resolution to implement unconditionally and thoroughly the President and the Chairman's instructions for the grass-for-meat policy, he is energetically inspiring all the people to the implementation of the policy. Now a new turn is taking shape in the development of the country’s stockbreeding as a whole.

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