Modernisation as Required by the New Century


Chairman Kim Jong Il paid close attention to modernisation of poultry farming.

One November day in 2000 the Chairman visited the Hwangju Chicken Farm which was about to go into operation.

The farm was fattening hatched chicks up to the average weight of 2kg in 40 days. So it could produce much meat by raising chickens that way eight times a year.

After looking round the farm with a hatchery and several other buildings all provided with automatic equipment, the Chairman said highly modernised and productive chicken and duck farms like the new ones should be built in many other places, and that poultry farms to be built from then on should be perfect enough to be admired in the distant future as they were to be handed down to posterity.

During his inspection of the Kanggye Chicken Farm, he made a remark that poultry farming, too, was an art after he had examined all the computer-controlled production lines and seen young women workers in neat white gowns collect eggs.

One October day in 1997 the Chairman visited the newly built Songam Myonggi Cattle Farm. The farm was located at the foot of a hill.

In the farm workers in white gowns were looking after plump cattle in their large sheds with modern equipment, and highly nutritive feed was being produced in a building.

The Chairman was very pleased after acquainting himself in detail with the actual conditions of the farm. He said the farm's capacity to produce beef should be doubled, and stressed the need to find the way to produce beef faster by intensifying the relevant research.

One October day in 1998 Kim Jong Il visited Taehongdan County in the northern part of Korea. Mentioning that if a pig farm was built there to raise lots of pigs it would be possible to produce much pork and much liquid manure to do potato farming better, he said that in other words pig farming and potato farming would be connected to form a cycle of production.

Thus there was created a cycle of production based on the connection between potato farming and pig farming in the aforesaid county and other cooperative farms in Ryanggang Province, whose mainstay was potato farming.

Besides, efforts were made to introduce a similar production system based on connection between fruit culture and stockbreeding in the Taedonggang Pig Farm, Tudan Duck Farm, Kanggye Pig Farm, Hamhung City Youth Goat Farm, Ostrich Farm, Kyenam Livestock Farm, the general livestock branch farm of the Namsan Cooperative Farm in Kusong and soon.

The long journey of patriotic devotion made by the Chairman for the development of stockbreeding is recorded as an epic of love for the people in the history of the country.

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