Sincere Aid Rendered to Flood Victims in DPRK


The people of South Hamgyong Province turned out in rendering aid to the residents in the disaster-hit areas.

Officials of the provincial Party committee sent letters of sympathy, a lot of food, clothes, bedclothes, non-staple food and others they prepared with sincerity to them.

Hundreds of daily necessities prepared by officials of the provincial people's committee and provincial rural economy committee were sent to the disaster-hit areas.

Provincial organs and other units sincerely help the flood victims.

Officials and working people devote themselves to preparing more aid materials, regarding the sufferings of the flood victims as theirs.

Many working people and households in Hamhung City, Yonggwang County and Hongwon County distinguish themselves in aiding the flood victims, adding shine to the true picture of our society harmonious with virtues and affection.

Officials of the ministries and national institutions also provide the flood victims with aid materials, sharing sorrow with them.

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