Vanguard and Pacesetter


When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Taedonggang Pig Farm in August 2016, he looked round various places including the integrated control room, fattening house, meat processing shop and organic compound fertiliser workshop.

At that time the farm, pursuing the goal of making livestock farming scientific, IT-based and automatic at a high level, was producing piglets on a regular basis by establishing a good breed-growing system. To increase the pork production rapidly it was also ensuring the fodder supply and anti-epizootic work at a high level.

Looking at a large number of fattening pigs in every house and processed pork products which were piled up in the meat processing shop, Kim Jong Un was very satisfied.

Saying that the farm had put pork production on a scientific and intensive basis and established the production cycle of fruit growing and animal husbandry as was intended by the Workers' Party of Korea, he stressed the need to make sure that the success and experience gained by the farm were emulated throughout the country.

Then he set forth the tasks to be tackled by the farm, including those of cultivating good-breed pigs, improving the scientific accuracy of growing and managing methods, taking thorough anti-epizootic measures, modernising the meat processing shop, increasing the variety of processed meat, improving the quality of the meat and raising the production of organic compound fertiliser.

That day, he expressed his high expectation that the managers and employees of the farm would become a vanguard and pacesetter in carrying out the Party's stockbreeding policy.


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