Putting Stockbreeding on Scientific and Modern Basis


It is a plan and resolution of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to put the country's animal husbandry on the level of the advanced countries in a shortest possible time by putting it on a scientific and modern basis.

One sultry day in August 2012 he visited a stockbreeding combine. Looking round a beef cattle farm, a pig breeding farm, a goat stable and a high-bred livestock research institute, he acquainted himself in detail with the production.

Noting that what is important in stockbreeding is to solve the problem of fodder, he gave specific instructions to create pastures.

He also set forth tasks to strengthen the research work for putting the stockbreeding on a scientific and industrial basis and to steadily improve the equipment and technical management.

In August 2018 he inspected the farm again. Stressing that the country should rank among the advanced countries in stockbreeding by putting the breeding and raising of animals on a firmer scientific and modern basis, he underlined the need to intensify the research work to prevent degeneration of the present breeds of domestic animals.

Having learned in detail about high-yielding fodder crops which were cultivated for trial at the institute, he said with pleasure that they would be able to make a breakthrough in stockbreeding if they continued to spread the fodder species which were of high productivity, easy to cultivate and of great economic effectiveness, across the country.

He went on to say that the institute should keep up the research work for putting the stockbreeding on a scientific, industrial and modern basis regarding it as a permanent task so as to implement the Party's policy of scientific stockbreeding with practical success, not in words.



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