Kanbaeksan Secret Camp


Kanbaeksan Secret Camp, which was built in summer of Juche 27 (1938) during the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary war, is one of the secret bases in the area of Mt Paektu. It is located in a wide hollow of the forest at the foot of Mt Kanbaek which stands between Mts Paektu and Sobaek.

From the latter half of the 1930s to the first half of the 1940s, the camp, as well as other secret camps built with the secret camp of Mt Paektu as a centre, performed an important mission in strengthening the internal force of the Korean revolution, bringing about a fresh upsurge in the overall Korean revolution with an emphasis put on the anti-Japanese armed struggle and achieving the historic cause of national liberation.

It was a base to train the hard core for the all-people resistance, and an assembly place of the units of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) for the final decisive battle against the Japanese imperialists.

President Kim Il Sung frequented the secret camp to put forward the strategic and tactical policies for expanding the armed struggle into the homeland and bringing earlier the historic cause of national liberation, and energetically led the struggle for their realisation.

At the camp in June 1941, the President stressed the need to adhere to the Juche-oriented stand and make preparations for the great event of national liberation under the uplifted slogan "Let us carry out the Korean revolution by our own efforts!"

The camp is also associated with several historic records, including the one that the President convened a meeting of the military and political cadres of the KPRA in June 1945 to announce the operational plan for the final attack to liberate the country.

Many cores trained at the secret camp were dispatched to different parts of the homeland and waged dynamic military and political activities for the all-people resistance. In the period of the national liberation operation, the KPRA units rallied at the secret camp took part in the final attack operation.

Looking round the secret camp in August 1990, the President recollected the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and referred to the revolutionary relics and remains.

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