Many Units Win Title of Model Technical Innovation Unit


Amidst the vigorous struggle to achieve substantial development of science and technology in all sectors and units, over 170 units won the Title of Model Technical Innovation Unit recently.

Over 260 units across the country including those units have so far won the title.

Among them not a few units won the title thrice and twice.

The units that won the title stepped up the work for putting the production lines on a modern and IT basis and carried out a brisk mass technological innovation movement for realising the home-production of raw and other materials and recycling.

They also meticulously organised the work for actively enlisting the spiritual strength and creative enthusiasm of the technicians and skilled workers. By doing so, they strengthened their scientific and technological foundations and potentiality and continuously enhanced the scientific level of the production and management activities.

All the technical innovations achieved in the vigorous nation-wide mass technological innovation movement tangibly contribute to opening a shortcut to implementing this year's economic plan by dint of science and technology.

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