Remodelling of Pharmaceutical Factories and Medical Institutions Brisk in DPRK


Remodelling of pharmaceutical factories and medical institutions is brisk across the DPRK.

Jagang Province pushes forward with the project for turning the Kanggye City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory and the Huichon City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory into iconic ones and modelling all Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories in cities and counties on them.

Remodelling of medical institutions and construction of pharmacies in different places gain momentum in the province.

Kangwon Province puts efforts into the work for sprucing up the medical institutions in the province.

Cities and counties in the province unveiled feasible long-term plans and stepwise goals for remodelling and modernising village people's hospitals, clinics and polyclinics. They push ahead with the updating projects while giving priority to designing and supply of materials.

Similar work is underway in other provinces.


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