Policy to make genuine people’s government


On December 15, 1977 President Kim Il Sung, in his speech Let Us Further Strengthen the People’s Government given at the First Session of the Sixth Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, proposed all tasks for the people’s government to fulfil its duty as faithful servant of the people, as well as ways to implement them.

In his speech he said: It is the honourable mission of the people's government to serve the working masses faithfully.

The people's government should recognise its duty to safeguard and protect the interests of the working masses, and the officials of the people's government bodies should be the servants of the people. In order to discharge its mission as the servant of the people, the people's government should give full scope to socialist democracy in state activities.

He proved on a scientific basis that the democracy which the people's government would introduce fully in its state activities means the socialist democracy whereby the state formulates its policies in compliance with the will of the working masses, carries them out according to their interests and provides them in practice with genuine freedom and rights and a happy life.

In addition, he gave a perfect solution to the theoretical and practical problems in giving full scope to socialist democracy, including those of enlisting the working masses widely in the work of the people's government, steadily enhancing their role in state and political life and building the socialist economy and culture efficiently.

The publication of the classic work on strengthening the people's government provided all the government organs with a vital guiding principle in discharging their duty as a genuine people's government, and it made it possible for the Korean people to fulfil their role of masters of the state and society.



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