First political programme


On September 10, 1948, the day after the foundation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) was proclaimed, Kim Il Sung announced the Political Programme of the Government of the Democratic People’ s Republic of Korea at the First Session of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

In his programme, he clarified the tasks relating to achieving national reunification, building a sovereign and independent state and keeping the independence in the domestic and foreign policies.

He also highlighted the issues of consolidating and taking forward the democratic reforms, such as the agrarian reform, the nationalisation of industries, the Labour Law and the Law on Sex Equality enforced in north Korea, and striving to introduce them throughout Korea; opposing the economic enslavement policy of the foreign imperialists and building Korea into a rich, independent and democratic state; and building an independent national economy and national culture.

In addition, he expounded concrete targets and methods to be pursued by the Government of the Republic in different sectors. He declared: The Government will train large numbers of cadres needed in all fields of politics, the economy and culture; direct great efforts to advancing education, culture and the public health service to improve the people's level of culture; consolidate and develop the organs of the people’s power at all levels in every way; and strengthen the People's Army in every respect to defend the territory of the country against foreign forces of aggression and to safeguard the gains already achieved through the democratic reforms in north Korea.

It was the first historic political programme of the DPRK Government in which he declared the Government's thoroughgoing conviction and will to build in the liberated Korea a prosperous state that would be independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in defence.


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