Servants of the people


In late February 1947 Kim Il Sung, leader of the new Korea, established the People's Committee of North Korea, the supreme executive organ of the people's government of north Korea.

That evening, a banquet was given in honour of the participants in the meeting. While it was proceeding in an amicable atmosphere, the chairman of the Central Committee of the Peasants Union of North Korea approached the President to introduce a woman deputy.

When she made a bow with a high respect, Kim Il Sung asked her where she came from and what she was. Then he warmly told her: Children represent the future of the country and we should take good care of them. They should be healthy from their childhood if they are to grow tall and strong and become reliable pillars of the country. In this respect paediatricians have responsible jobs.

Then he asked how she had felt when she was at a meeting to discuss state affairs for the first time after she was elected a deputy of the people. She replied that it seemed like a dream that she, an ordinary doctor, had the honour of participating in such an important meeting presided by the leader.

Hearing her reply, Kim Il Sung said: All the deputies here are the representatives elected by the people, just like you. So we deputies ought to be their servants. From now on you should fulfil your duty with a high sense of responsibility and pride as a deputy from the public health sector that is in charge of the people’s life.

He then asked her to help herself as the banquet was for the people’s deputies who had been elected for the first time in the country.

Moved by his great trust and care the participants made up their mind to faithfully perform their duty as servants of the people.

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