Honorary President


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Pyongyang University of Architecture one day in November 2013. While looking round different places of the university, he said that a huge number of structures to be seen all across the country are associated with patriotic spirit and creative talent of the teaching staff and students of the university.

When he was in the art practice room, he looked into a collection of designs for architectural formation, giving in easy and understandable words an explanation about creative view, space-presenting capacity, perception and aesthetic sense.

Then pointing out the merit and demerit of each of the students' pictures, he said that the building of a civilised socialist nation depends on the students and that the design of such a nation is made by their hands.

Kim Jong Un stressed that the students of Pyongyang University of Architecture should engross themselves in learning conscious of their obligation that they are charged with the task of designing a civilised socialist nation and keeping the ambition to beat world-famous designers. Then, he declared that he would be the honorary president of the university.



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