Supporting Pillars


The Korean people launched a vigorous campaign for building a new country after it was liberated from the Japanese imperialists’ military occupation on August 15, 1945. At the time the widest-ranging problem was the shortage of technicians and the biggest difficulty was the lack of functionaries.

Having acquainted himself with the prevailing situation Kim Il Sung, leader of the new Korea, proposed to establish the then Pyongyang Specialised School of Technology and gave specific guidance for speedy progress of the project.

Thus the opening ceremony of the school took place in early November 1945.

Kim Il Sung attended the meeting to deliver a congratulatory message. He said emphatically that the special school of technology, whose opening ceremony they were having that day, was of tremendous importance in the Korean history as it was to train national technical personnel who would develop the national economy of the country relying on the Koreans' own effort.

Giving a gentle glance at the excited faces of the students, he stated that the young people and students of Korea were charged with a gigantic and critical task of facilitating revival and development of the national economy and building of a democratic and sovereign state. He appealed to the young people and students to learn to their hearts' content and conduct scientific research energetically so as to develop themselves into supporting pillars of the country.


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