Progress Made in Power Industrial Sector of DPRK


The officials and workers in the electric power industrial sector of the DPRK are staging a vigorous campaign for increasing the production of electricity, the mainstay of the self-supporting economy. Thanks to their efforts, the overall production plan of the electric power industrial sector for the first quarter of this year had been fulfilled until March 30.

Workers of the thermal power plants, including the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex, the Pyongyang Thermal Power Plant and the Sunchon Thermal Power Plant, have waged a vigorous campaign for increased production, keeping boilers and turbo-generators in full-capacity operation through strict observance of the technical rules and standard regulations in their operation and management.

Those at the hydro-power stations, too, launched a dynamic campaign for fulfilling their production plans.

Suphung, Hochongang, Jangjingang and Thaechon power stations and others increased their production by rationally operating generators to avoid overload according to the amount of stored water and technical features of generators. They have also regularized the overhaul of generators after putting water storage and operation of generators on a scientific basis.

The officials and workers in the electric-power industrial sector are redoubling their efforts to surely guarantee the overall economic development by attaining the first-year goal of the five-year plan without fail.

-Pukchang Thermal Power Complex-

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