Research Institute for Women


In June 2012 respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Breast Tumour Institute under construction. Entering the interior of the institute which was near completion, he said that Chairman Kim Jong Il had initiated this project and personally examined its design. Then the leader named it the Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.

Kim Jong Un looked round the whole of the four-storey building for a long time to acquaint himself with the state of construction and give scrupulous instructions. Noting that the construction of the building and the special naming of it did not mean all that had to be done, he said that what was important was to staff the institute with competent doctors with profound clinical experience in treating mastopathy and breast cancer and able researchers and install up-to-date equipment.

In early November that year the leader visited the institute again. Stepping into the central hall he said with pleasure that he felt as if he were in a palace. He remarked that all the components of the institute should be of the world standard as it was a determined project for the women, and that there was nothing to spare for the women. He continued to say that as the institute had been fully equipped with ultramodern medical facilities they should establish a regular checkup system to detect mastopathy and breast cancer in their early stage and treat them in time, and that he wanted to leave nothing to regret about the institute as it was to serve the women.

Under his warm care the Korean women can have checkup and treatment regardless of their social status, occupation and property.




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