Korean Ssirum Techniques and Tricks


SSIRUM (KOREAN WRESTLING) techniques are divided into two―the basic and the main. The basic techniques include grip, posture, movement, shouldering and so on.

The main techniques include hand tricks, body tricks, leg tricks, and their combined tricks for attack, defence and counter-attack. There are tens of kinds of techniques generally applied in ssirum matches. Ssirum tricks are largely divided into three—hand tricks, leg tricks and body tricks.

The hand tricks are to throw down the opponent by whacking, pushing, pulling and twisting his knee, back, back of his neck and legs with hands and arms. They include knee whack, arm trip, leg pulling and so on.

The leg tricks are to throw down the opponent by pulling or pushing in leg trip together with whirling around. It includes inside-leg-reaping, turnover, outside-leg-reaping, hoe-leg-reaping, leg lock, knee trip, inside foot whack and left ankle whack.

The body tricks are to throw down the opponent with the strength of the back and arms by lifting him up to buttocks, stomach or chest to throw off his balance and whirling around. The belly throw, one of the specialties in ssirum, belongs to body tricks. The belly throw includes buttock throw, body-twist throw, whirling throw, turnover, turning throw and so on.

The tricks can be combined to throw down, defend or counter-attack the opponent.

Ssirum is one of the most favourite national folk games that two persons fight out applying various kinds of tricks.

Today it is one of the most popular sporting events of the Koreans.

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