Korean Council of Religionists



All the citizens of the DPRK enjoy freedom of religious belief.

Religious activities have been ensured consistently since the first days of the people's power.

Today the Korean believers are leading a free religious life in different religious organizations while making contributions to the prosperity of the country and the sacred cause of national reunification, and they are strengthening solidarity with the progressive religious organizations and followers over the world.


Korean Council of Religionists

It is a non-standing association of religious organizations in the DPRK, formed on May 30, Juche 78 (1989). It comprises the Chondoist Association of Korea, Buddhist Federation of Korea, Christian Federation of Korea, Korean Catholics Association and the Korean Orthodox Church Committee.

It struggles for socialist construction and the independent, peaceful reunification of the country and peace against war and nuclear weapons. It conducts activities to promote cooperation among its affiliate religious organizations and strengthen ties of friendship with the international religious institutions and organizations.

It joined the World Religion and Peace Conference on July 1, Juche 80 (1991).



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