Masikryong Ski Resort




Masik Pass is so rugged that it has been said from olden times that even a horse has to take a rest before crossing it. The ski resort built on this pass occupies an area of over 1 400 ha. There are ten experts slopes, 1 700m long on average and 40-120m wide, including one that starts from the summit of Taehwa Peak over 1 360 m above sea level and is over 5 000m long, intermediate and beginners' slopes, snowball fighting areas for children and ice rinks.

The resort is provided with all conditions needed for skiing competition and operation of the resort, including several lines of cableway, 600 to over 2 000m long, rest areas in several places including the summit of Taehwa Peak, heliport, cableway control station, patrol and first-aid station, snow cannon and others.

Near the finish area in a cosy valley are Masikryong Hotel and other structures for skiing service and accommodation that go well with the surrounding scenery.

Mass-based sporting activities are being conducted briskly.


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