The DPRK's industry is based on the socialist ownership of the means of production and geared to developing the country and meeting the independent demand and interests of the people.

The socialist industry, a Juche-oriented and independent industry, is developing in a planned and well-balanced way and at a sustained high rate.

The principle of establishing a diversified structure of industrial production, laying reliable domestic bases of raw materials and equipping the industry with up-to-date technology is consistently maintained in the building of the socialist industry.

Solid heavy industry bases with the machine-building industry as the backbone and up-to-date light industry bases have been built and renovated along modern lines while the production of processed materials has been developed rapidly using domestic natural resources. The policy of giving priority to the development of heavy industry, making combination of renovation and construction in industrial development, coordinating parallel development of central and local industries, making a rational distribution of industries and making the most of the existing production bases has been implemented.

Vincenzo - Rome, Italy - economic a - 2020-07-31
comprehensive and clear exposition of the DPRK industry and its main purpose
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