Movement of Overseas Koreans


Problem of Overseas Koreans

The number of Koreans living in different countries of the world amounts to several millions. Most of them are those who were dragged to Japan for military service or forced labour, those who drifted to other countries in search of living and their off-springs.

President Kim Il Sung, viewing the matter of overseas Koreans as an issue of the nation's independence, took measures to protect by law their status by ensuring that the Nationality Law of the DPRK was enacted and promulgated. He also saw to it that the great national unity was realized with overseas compatriots for the country's reunification and prosperity of the nation.


Main Criteria of a Nation
This happened one day in October Juche 49 (1960) during a Korean history lecture for the students of the Economics Faculty at Kim Il Sung University, while Kim Jong Il was enrolled at it. A student raised a question as to how to view the overseas Koreans, citing a classic proposition that the criteria of a nation include the community of language, territory, economic life and psychology and culture, and that lack of anyone of these four criteria cannot give rise to the formation of a nation. He meant that according to the author of the classic, overseas Koreans do not belong to the Korean nation. Kim Jong Il said that the classic that was written in the given historical period cannot give answers to all the current problems arising in the revolution and building of a new society, and that the answer to the question should be found in the works of Kim Il Sung. He continued that the major criteria characteristic of a nation are the commonness in blood, language and territory, but of them the commonness in blood and language is the most important criterion featuring the nation.

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