Fundamental Right and Duties of Citizens



The DPRK substantially provides the people with genuine political freedom and rights according to the basic requirements of the Juche idea on ensuring the independence and creativity of man.

In the DPRK the rights and duties of citizens are based on the collectivist principle: “One for all and all for one.”

The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK stipulates that the State shall effectively guarantee the genuine democratic rights and freedom as well as all the conditions for ensuring the material and cultural well-being of all the citizens.

All citizens who have reached the age of 17 have the right to elect and to be elected, irrespective of sex, race, occupation, length of residence, property status, education, party affiliation, political view or religious belief. They are guaranteed freedom of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration and association. They have the freedom of religious belief. They are entitled to summit complaints and petitions.

Workers, peasants and other working people take part in the State administration as the master of State power and are embraced in political parties and social organizations to conduct free socio-political activities. They have the rights to work, relaxation, education and free medical care. They are free to engage in scientific, literary and artistic pursuits.

Women are accorded equal social status and rights with men. Mothers and children are under special protection of the State.

Marriage and the family are protected by the State. Citizens are guaranteed inviolability of the person and the home, and privacy of correspondence.

The rights and freedom of citizens are being amplified with the consolidation and development of socialist system.

The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK sets it as a noble duty of citizens to firmly safeguard the political and ideological unity and solidarity of the people.

The duties of the citizens of the DPRK are to observe the laws of the State and the socialist standards of life, defend their honour and dignity as citizens of the DPRK, regard work as a noble duty, take good care of the property of the State and social, cooperative organizations, combat all forms of misappropriation and waste, and manage the nation’s economy diligently as the masters.

All the citizens regard it as their supreme duty and honour to sharpen revolutionary vigilance and devotedly fight for the security of the State and national defence.



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