Character, Duty and Ultimate Aim of the State



The DPRK is the socialist country of Juche where the ideas and leadership of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il are applied.

It is an independent socialist state representing the interests of the Korean people. In other words, it represents the interests of all the Koreans, including those in the north and south and overseas, and it is a country which has been built by the masses themselves and run according to their demands and will, a country in which the masses are the masters of everything and everything serves them.

It is the main revolutionary tasks facing the DPRK Government to strengthen the people’s power, to achieve the complete victory of socialism by dynamically carrying out the three revolutions – ideological, technological and cultural, and to reunify the country on the principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity.

Under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea the Korean people, closely united around Marshal Kim Jong Un, are stepping up the drive to carry the socialist cause through to the end, holding Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem as their eternal leaders.



Socialist Constitution of the DPRK

With the development of socialist construction in the country, the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK was adopted on December 27, Juche 61 (1972).

The Socialist Constitution was amended and supplemented at the Fifth Session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly held on April 13, Juche 101 (2012). It codifies the Juche-oriented ideas of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on State building and their exploits in it, and named the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Constitution.

It stipulates that Kim Il Sung is upheld as the eternal President of the DPRK and Kim Jong Il as the eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

The Seventh Session of the 12th SPA held on April 1, Juche 102 (2013) amended and supplemented the preamble of the Socialist Constitution, that the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are preserved in their lifetime appearances is a grand monument to their immortality and, a symbol of the dignity of all the Korean people and their eternal sanctuary, and adopted the DPRK Law on the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

It also stipulates the principles and ways of politics, the economy, culture and national defence, the fundamental rights and duties of citizens and the composition, duties and activity principles of State organs.

The Socialist Constitution consists of the preamble, seven chapters and 172 articles.


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