Peasant War in Phyongan Province



It is a peasant rebellion against the feudal rulers, led by Hong Kyong Rae who hailed from Phyongan Province. He enlisted and trained the peasant forces of over 1 000 strong. He organized the command with local gentry and merchants in Phyongan Province, while forming organizations in major local towns.

In December 1811, the peasant army attacked Kasan County and then advanced to Pakchon, Kwaksan and Jongju, exploiting the battle result. The peasant forces grew into a large unit with thousands of soldiers and occupied most of the area north of the Chongchon River.

In order to advance to Anju, Pyongyang and then to Hansong, they marched to Songnimdong opposite Anju and engaged in the first battle with the government forces in the end of December.

They achieved some results in the battle, but had to retreat to the Jongju Fort, attacked by the reinforced government troops. With it as the base of operations the peasant forces fought fierce battles, but Hong Kyong Rae fell in the final battle on April 19, 1812. The peasant war failed, but dealt a heavy blow to the feudal system.



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