Ryongthong Temple



This is a famous temple in Kaesong, a city known as the sacred place of Korea’s Chonthae religion. The founder of this religion is Uichon, alias Taegakguksa, (1055-1101). In the Ryongthong Valley are found the chamber for the remains of Uichon, tombstone, stupa and shrine.

Built in the early 10th century, the temple was associated with the family of Wang Kon, the founder king of Koryo; it thrived for 700years under the auspices of the successive kings of Koryo. It was ruined in the 16th century.

General Kim Jong Il took necessary steps for the restoration of the temple.

In October Juche 94 (2005) it was restored to its original state. It consists of 26 buildings, covering an area of 60 000 sq m and with a total floor space of 4 000 sq m.


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