Pohyon Temple and Pagodas

    The temple in Mt Myohyang is one of the structures representing the architecture of medieval Korea. It was built in 1042 and later reconstructed and repaired on several occasions.

Originally, the temple had pagodas and 24 buildings, but now there remain some pagodas and 10 buildings including the Taeung Hall.

The octagonal 13-storeyed pagoda at the courtyard of the Taeung Hall was elaborately built of well-trimmed granite. The 10.03m-tall pagoda is one of the tall and excellent pagodas among the historical remains in Korea.

There are wind-bells hanging from the eaves of the roof of each storey and they number 104.



The tetragonal 9-storeyed pagoda in front of the Manse Pavilion of the Pohyon Temple was erected in 1044. The pagoda, 6m high, was built of elaborately trimmed granite. At the south side of the body stone of the first story there is a square recess in which there was a statue of Buddha. Wind-bells hang from the eaves of the pagoda.



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