Mausoleum of King Kyonghyo



Located in Haeson-ri, Kaesong, it is the mausoleum of the 31st king of Koryo. The mausoleum is composed of two tombs lying side by side-one for the king and the other for the queen. The king personally supervised its construction, which lasted from 1365 to 1372.

 The mausoleum is divided into four sections-three rectangular staircases stretching from east to west and a sloped, wide staircase in the lower part. The east, west and north walls in the coffin chamber have drawings of 12 spirits of the terrain and, on the ceiling, there are drawings of the Great Bear to the north, a couple of Orion’s Belts to the south, and the sun.

 The stone sculptures of sheep, tiger and lantern, and the statues of civil officials and military officers are true to life.

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