Murals in Koguryo Tombs



  In the areas of Pyongyang, Nampho, and Anak County of South Hwanghae Province there are many tombs of royal families and feudal nobles built in the period of Koguryo.

 Not a few of them have mural paintings. Typical tombs with murals are King Kogugwon’s Tomb (Anak Tomb No.3), Kongso Three Tombs and the tomb in Tokhung-ri.

On the ceilings of the tombs there are the drawings of the sun, moon, stars, lotus flowers and the like, and on the walls are drawn various patterns and drawings depicting living customs and fantastic creatures guarding for directions.

The tomb murals were painted before the 7th century and they still retain vividness, drawing attention of the world’s fine art circles.


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