King Tongmyong and His Mausoleum


King Tongmyong, the founder king of Koguryo, was born in 298 BC. His childhood name was Jumong, meaning crack archer. After establishing the state, he ruled it for 19 years and passed away in September 259 BC.

 Later he was given the posthumous title of King Tongmyong the Sage. In 427 when the capital of Koguryo was moved from Kungnaesong (Jian in today’s Jilin Province), its second capital, to Pyongyang, the tomb of the founder king was also moved to today’s Ryokpho District in Pyongyang. The Mausoleum of King Tongmyong was reconstructed in May Juche 82 (1993) on the occasion of his 2 290th birthday.

 The mausoleum is divided into sections of the tomb, Jongnung Temple and the subjects’ tombs. One side of stone stereobate around the tomb is 34m long. In the tomb there is a coffin chamber, which is 4.21m long from east to west, 4.18m long from north to south and 3.88m high from the floor to the ceiling. Drawn on the walls and ceiling are lotus flower patterns. Around the mausoleum there are 15 tombs of loyal subjects who helped Ko Jumong in establishing the country. The Jongnung Temple covering an area of 37 000 sq m was constructed to pray for the repose of the soul of the late king.


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