Kangso Mineral Water Associated with Great Men's Warm Love for People

Kangso Mineral Water has been well known among the Korean people for its medicinal properties from olden times.

 This hydrocarbonates spring in Yaksu-ri, Kangso District, Nampho City of the DPRK is gushing out from hundreds of years ago. It is recognized as pure and clear natural drink worldwide.

Thanks to the loving care of the peerlessly great men, the modern Kangso Mineral Water Factory and a mineral water bath-house came into being near the spring site.

President Kim Il Sung visited the spring site just after Korea's liberation from Japan's colonial rule, saying that the site should be well arranged so as to make all the working people drink this famous mineral water.

In March Juche 62 (1973), he again came to the site to appoint a lot for the mineral water factory and named the product to be turned out there "Kangso Mineral Water".

Chairman Kim Jong Il, in the days of his Songun revolutionary leadership, saw to it that the factory was reconstructed to meet the requirements of the new century. When the stream of mineral water disappeared unexpectedly, he dispatched a strong research group to find a new stream of mineral water with higher yield and better quality than the previous one. After all, the output of the factory went up 10 times.

In November 2010, the Chairman gave his field guidance to the factory, stressing that it has an important duty and role to play in protecting and promoting the people's health.

True to the noble intention of the President and the Chairman, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the factory in June 2017 and set forth such important tasks as increasing the production of mineral water and raising its quality. He also said that it would be good for health to take a bath with mineral water.

Thus, a mineral water bath-house was built at the factory in November next year.




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