Mt Myohyang



Mt Myohang is situated in the northwestern part of Korea. Piro Peak, the main peak of the mountain, is 1 909m high.

Majestic and queer peaks, crystal-clear water, cataracts, dense forests, fragrance of flowers, leaves that turn red in autumn babbling creeks and chirping birds-all these go well with one another to present a fantastic view.



Spectacles include Piro, Wonman, Chonthap and Hyangno peaks, and Inho and Paegun rocks.

Between peaks and cliffs there are valleys, deep and narrow, such as Sangwon, Manphok, Chonthae and Chilsong, and Pison, Kumgang, Taeha, Sanju, Ryongyon, Kuchung and Isonnam falls are also splendid.



A lot of historical remains are preserved in the mountain. There are the Pohyon Temple showcasing the architecture of Korea in the early 11th century, the Pulyong Hall which had housed the chronicles of the feudal Joson dynasty, one of Korea’s typical historical records, the archives of 80 000 Blocks of the Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures and many other remains.

In particular there is the International Friendship Exhibition House, preserving the gifts presented to President Kim Il Sung, General Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un from many countries of the world.


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