Mt Paektu


Mt Paektu is the highest in Korea, which rises at its northern border with China, specifically in Samjiyon City, Ryanggang Province. The Korean people regard it as the sacred mountain of the revolution and the ancestral mountain of the nation.



A chain of its peaks imposingly soars up in the middle of vast primitive forests.


On the Janggun Peak, the main peak on Mt Paektu, you can see the breaking sunrise over Mt Paektu dying red the peaks, valleys and Lake Chon.



Lake Chon on the mountaintop mirroring the peaks of Mt Paektu like Janggun, Hyangdo, Paegun and Chail is a wonder to behold.



One of the large alpine lakes in the world, it is 14.4km in circumference, 9.16 sq km in area and 384m in the deepest.

Paektu and Sagimun falls rising in the lake unfold a mysterious alpine landscape.

The celebrated mountain is characterized by ever-changing weather. A fierce gale rises on the shore of placid Lake Chon all of a sudden, rocking heaven and earth and bringing rain clouds. But the next moment, dark clouds break up and the sun comes out. Falling rain is replaced by hail in no time; on one side, flowers wet with rain sparkle in the sunshine and on the other side snowflakes fall. Such wonders of nature are seen innumerably.

Standouts are rhododendrons blooming in snow, chars in Lake Chon, and Peaktu and Paegam spas.

Mt Paektu is associated with the anti-Japanese armed struggle organized and led by President Kim Il Sung to liberate the country and is a sublime mountain of the Korean revolution where General Kim Jong Il’s native home is.

It was registered as an international biosphere preserve in Juche 78 (1989).



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