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Korea is located in the Korean peninsula projecting from the east of the Eurasian Continent towards the Pacific Ocean. It is bounded by the continent on the north and by sea on the east, west and south.

It lies between 124° 10' 45"E. (western tip of Pidan Island of Sindo County, North Phyongan Province) and 131° 52' 22"E. (eastern tip of Tok Islets of Ullung County of North Kyongsang Province) and between 33° 06' 45"N. (southern tip of Mara Island of Sogwipho Jeju Province) and 44° 00' 33"N. (northern tip of Phungso-ri of Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province. The peninsula, excluding island, lies between 124° 18' 38"E. (western tip of Jinhung Workers’ District of Ryongchon County, North Phyongan Province) and 130° 41' 45"E. (eastern tip of Uam-dong in the Sonbong area in the city of Rason) and between 34° 17' 31"N. (southern tip of Songji Sub-county of Haenam County, South Jolla Province) and 43° 00' 33"N. (northern tip of Phungso-ri of Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province).

The span of the longitudes in which Korea is situated in about 8°. Latitudinally, the peninsula extends for about 10° southwards from the middle of the temperate zone in the northern hemisphere.

The territory consists of the Korean peninsula and 3 644 islands around it. Its total area is 224 252 sq km, inclusive of 5 851 sq km of islands.

The territorial waters stretch seawards for 12 nautical miles from the starting line of counting.

The air space is as high as the globally-recognized lowest orbit of artificial earth satellite.

Korea is very long in circumference, compared with the size of its territory.

The peninsula, exclusive of islands, is 9 313.9km in circumference. Of them, the coastline is 7 771.1km long and the land boundary line 1 536.8km long (from the estuary of the Tuman River to that of the Amnok River).

The longest distance from the north and the south (from Phungso-ri of Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province to Mara Island of Sogwipho, Jeju Province) is 1 144.6km.



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