Koreans' Customs Related to Lunar New Year's Day



  In the linguistic heritage of the Korean nation there are folk words showing its customs on the lunar New Year's Day that have been long handed down.

According to old book "Tongguksesigi", the Korean people have used such folk words as Chare, Sebae, Sechan, Solbim and Seju in Korean.

Chare means the memorial service to be held at the dawn of the lunar New Year's Day and Sebae signifies the custom of offering New Year's greeting to seniors.

Sechan indicates the New Year's festive dishes like rice-cake soup. Koreans have enjoyed various festive foods together with family members and relatives as well as neighbors. And Solbim means attire for the lunar New Year's Day.

Those folk words are regarded as linguistic cultural heritages of the Korean nation.


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