Newly Registered Intangible Cultural Heritages, Historical Relics and Natural Monuments in DPRK



New objects have been recently registered as intangible cultural heritages, historical relics and remains and natural monuments in the DPRK.

Those listed as national intangible cultural heritages are the Korean people's custom of working life in 24 divisions of the year as well as tug of war, one of the national sports events, and rope-skipping and hide-and-seek, traditional plays of children.

Those listed as local intangible cultural heritages are mullet soup, one of the special dishes of Pyongyang, and Hoeryong white apricot.

Registered as historical relics and remains were Hyangmok-ri cave relics in Kangdong County of Pyongyang, hunting site relics dating back to the latter period of the Paleolithic Age in Sinphung-ri of Sukchon County, South Phyongan Province, and Songhyon-ri stone Buddhist image in Onchon County of Nampho City which was manufactured in the beginning of Koryo (918-1392).

Meanwhile, glacial relicts in some areas of Mt Kumgang and Songhung Hot Spring in Kim Chaek City of North Hamgyong Province were listed as natural monuments.



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