For Solving the Problem of Passenger Transport in the Capital City



In January Juche 97 (2018), Kim Jong Un inspected the renovated Pyongyang Trolleybus Factory.

The factory can save labour and electricity by realizing remote control of the trolleybus assembling lines and automating the production lines.

As a fine sci-tech learning area and designing room were laid out, the employees can not only train themselves to be skilled, intelligent workers with high sci-tech knowledge but also design trolleybuses of a high cultural level.

Kim Jong Un said solving the problem of passenger transport in the capital city was a very important undertaking to sustain the original features of people-centred socialism of our style and give rein to its advantages, and means of mass transport such as tramcars and trolleybuses should be modernized so as to make traffic more convenient for citizens of the capital city and spruce it up.

Seeing a new trolleybus standing in the factory yard, he said that it looked nice, and examined its exterior and interior.

Several days later, in the middle of the night, he took the trolleybus to look round the city.

Looking at the officials, he said that some days ago he saw the new trolleybus but could not figure out the performance and that he should try it otherwise he would be worrying because it was for the people.

He suggested examining its performance in detail in the people’s stand whether there were any defect while riding the bus, and then got on it.

It is a great thing that we have built such a trolleybus by our own efforts, he said, and continued: On the bus made by our working class I really feel proud and I feel as comfortable as in my home.

Today I tried on the trolleybus of a new model and feel very satisfied with it, he said. He added that though there were some defects, he valued all the things, and that whenever he saw such creations made through self-reliance, he felt most pleased.

On August 3, Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Trolleybus Factory again.

After acquiring himself with the production and renovation of the factory, he said that we should struggle to pluck the stars from the sky if the people want us to do so and that was the program of our Party.

Then he went to the Songsan Tramcar Station to see a newly-built tramcar.

While looking at the inside of the tramcar, he highly appreciated the Guidance Bureau of Passenger Services in Pyongyang, the Pyongyang Trolleybus Factory and the Bus Repair Factory for having done a very worthwhile thing for the people.

After getting off the tramcar, he walked a little and turned back, saw it again, and repeatedly expressed his satisfaction, saying that it was built well, and that it looked handsome.

That night he oversaw the test run of the new trolleybus and tramcar.

In the tramcar he said that we had built a new type of tramcar holding high the banner of self-development first, adding: It is quite a wonderful thing; how good self-reliance is; we should actively work to fully solve the problem of passenger traffic, the problem of mass transport.

In the trolleybus he carefully looked at its interior, and said that both the tramcar and trolleybus looked attractive, and the day was the happiest for him that year.

Today newly-built tramcars and trolleybuses are running on the streets of the capital city, demonstrating the might of self-reliance.


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