“Pedigree Farm” for Training Teachers



In January Juche 97 (2018), Kim Jong Un visited the reconstructed Pyongyang Teachers Training College. He familiarized himself with the reconstruction and modernization project and instruction and edification at the college while looking round the room dedicated to its history, education and science exhibition hall and other places.

Our Party attaches importance to teachers training college, he said, adding that he wanted kindergarten and school teachers trained by these colleges to be strong roots and sustenance for educating the rising generation, and that the students and graduates of these college should bear this in mind.

Preparing the students as kindergarten and school teachers capable of conducting education of a higher level is the very goal the teachers training colleges should set and attain, and the normal education sector should regard this as an important policy-oriented task and direct primary efforts to it, he noted.

He then continued: The teachers training college must conduct efficient work for improving the contents and methods of education; without doing so, they cannot train outstanding talents; they must energetically push ahead with the work of improving the methods of education with the main emphasis put on upgrading the contents of education as required by the developing reality.

With the Pyongyang Teacher Training College wonderfully reconstructed in conformity to the requirements of the new era and its contents and methods of education put on a scientific, IT and modern footing, the DPRK became able to put education of the preschool and primary school children on a new scientific basis.

At the same time with a prototype of college education realized on a high level, it became possible to vigorously accelerate the revolution in education in the new era to make the country a land of education, a talent power.

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