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Student San Francisco, USA Worker 2018-07-19
Juche idea has enlightened us!
IdiotGunner a person on the inte 2018-07-19
im just exploring this website
kim jon ryan 2018-07-10
Antti Jääskeläinen Eteläinen Rautatieka Head of op 2018-06-16
Excellent news for the world! Well done Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Trump !
Bartholomew Lagos 2018-03-14
I have always admired Korean language system, and hope other nations adopt a similar system.
Johnny Mortensen Venøgade 9, 4th. Cop 2018-03-12
Hello friends
Nice to se the Photo Fidel Castro and Kim Il Sung

best regards
Johnny Mortensen
Zheng Hong Kong SAR Student 2018-03-08
This is a good step toward national unification, away from the from the US who completely opposes it.
Chad Chad Chad 2018-03-07
It is extremely stupid for the US to act like a peaceful nation, then refuse diplomacy with the DPRK.
h Guinea Bridge 2018-02-14
Very amazed with Korean design!
Zheng Hong Kong SAR Student 2018-02-09
Long live Juche revolution!
Marcz Kraków Student 2018-02-09
Good on the DPRK on standing up for what they believe in!
John Washington Str 22 b, Accountant 2018-02-09
As long as US continues to act like tha,there will be no peace in world. I full support North Korea!
Hitler Berlin, Germany Leader 2018-02-08
Hamhung is one of the highest producing cities of the region!
phuong Germany worker 2018-02-08
I love uriminzokkiri, my favorite website.
Jake Glup, Dootiri, USA McDonalds 2018-02-05
Respectfully, could you give some examples of the human rights violations in the USA?
Anti-imperialist Hong Kong CEO 2018-02-03
Respectfully, could you add some features from the Korean version of the site to the English? I believe more things in English will help the lazy American imperialists understand our glorious Korea!
Zheng Hong Kong SAR Student 2018-02-02
This is very true, extreme US hypocrisy disregarding its own human rights crimes.
Bort Chile Brogle 2018-01-31
No war! No anti DPRK! No US imperialism! Justice for the north! We will never forget! We march with the Great Leader!

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