What's wrong with South Korea?
Yan Ee May - Kuala Lumpur - Student - 2017-02-03
Hello, I can't speak Korean language, but one of my Korean friends introduced this website for me.
By the way, what's wrong with South Korea? I was shocked that South Korea is all fake and South Koreans have no rights to criticise the government. I never realised about it until now!
Hong Sam - Brazil - Trade - 2017-02-07
I really appreciate your interest on S. Korean tragedy which has been existing for 10 years. I hope you better understand that the basic rights in S. Korea no longer exists. Probably it is considered as luxurious. The real pain and agony is a division of Korean land and population. US and its handful puppet have maintained the division for their national interests. Anyone who oppose it, right away put to a jail, sometimes cut a head.
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